Perforce sucks

Seriously, I’ve had it. Perforce is the most horrible version control system ever. It’s not as bad as Microsoft Source Safe - but no one pays for that anymore so it doesn’t count.

Tips for extremely aggressive content caching

When it comes to performance one of the most important considerations is caching of content. There are all sorts of approaches to the caching. Some protect the database from duplicate queries while others protect your application from having to perform an expensive algorithm over and over. Today I am going to talk about the most aggressive form of content caching when it comes to the web - full page caching.

We wants the precious... Must have the precious!

Unit testing is great - but don't forget about configuration testing

Recently a friend of mine pointed out that I had an error on one of my pages. It took me almost 45 minutes to figure out what was happening. I wasn’t able to reproduce the defect in my development environment. The version of Python installed was exactly the same. I tried executing the problematic piece of code on the production server and it did not reproduce the problem. All of my unit tests passed… I was at a loss as to the source of the problem.

Moving to sunny California

So I’ve landed a job with Rearden Commerce in Foster City California. All of our belongings [including our car] are currently in a trailer on it’s way to Redwood City. We sold our house, purchased plane tickets, and pretty much finished up all the stuff required for a move across the entire country. Why wouldn’t it be perfect timing to get summoned for jury duty in Cincinnati :/ 

Starting to learn Hadoop and Lucene

I’ve been reading about Hadoop and Lucene for a while now. Today I finally started working with the demos to get a better feel for how things work. I’m excited to learn more!

Script kiddies

I must admit it’s sorta cute watching a script kiddie try to hack your site using sql injection or whatever. But it’s even cuter when they try to get your [python] code to execute a get variable in the hopes of causing your [python] code to execute php code. Maybe one should return a link to Netcraft?

Amazon EC2 - changing the game

Over the past two weeks I’ve spent some time with friends who are investigating Amazon’s EC2 service. I must say that I’m very impressed. Essentially the service allows you to run a virtual computer. You can then add and remove hosepower via web service calls, and all you pay for is the uptime per hour, and bandwidth. I believe the service is either running Xen or is based off of it. redesign

I’ve been working long and hard now for the past three months writing a brand new version of this website. It’s written from scratch, and uses all sorts of neat technologies. There were a few different reasons why I took the time to rewrite everything. The most important reason probably was that my codebase was getting really crazy and difficult to maintain. It’s much cleaner now, and far easier to extend and maintain.