Ubuntu - Day 1

  1. Install was flawless
  2. Wifi worked perfectly without doing anything (curious what it’s using.
  3. IBM Thinkpad buttons work, and even have graphical candy (volume)
  4. I wanted to enable flash for Firefox:
  5. Update /etc/apt/sources.list adding support for multiverse
  6. apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
  7. Accept license
  8. “automatic installation failed due to network problems or upstream changes”
  9. apt-get install flashplayer-mozilla
  10. Restart Firefox, no love
  11. Ubuntu forums mainly talk about using Adobe’s installer, or copying the .so files manually which I eventually did :/
  12. I wanted to install Thunderbird (easy)
  13. I wanted to install Emacs (easy)
  14. I wanted to install Eclipse:
  15. Update /etc/apt/sources.list adding support for universe
  16. apt-get install eclipse-jdt (following ubuntu guide)
  17. No love… people seem to have lots of issues, I guess:
  18. apt-get install eclipse
  19. Eclipse is now there, but throws error on startup
  20. java -version (seem to be running 1.4, need 1.5)
  21. apt-get install sun-java5-jdk (impressed)
  22. Eclipse up and running, using sun-1.5

  23. Fonts don’t look quite as good?

  24. Bootup is crazy fast (to the credit of Upstart)

Today’s outcome:  Ubuntu seems to be crazy polished, and things were much easier faster to setup than Gentoo.  I will never switch away from Gentoo on the server, but I don’t know on the desktop.  Right now I feel all dirty  :/