This is a view from the front. The structure is roughly 25x25.

Permalink The problems

The leading edge of the structure is an inch or two below grade unfortunately. Drains were added with the intent of addressing the issue, but the eves above are extremely small and thus it’s still leaking because the drip edge is before the drain (and is negatively graded).

Here you can see how the asphalt drops right before the foundation, which is not helping.

The result is water damage near the ground

This is the primary problem area (red). The structure has no gutters, has a challenging roofline, and flashing that’s missing and/or incorrectly installed (blue).

This has resulted in significant rotting of the structure above and around the door (all of which needs to be replaced). The damage has resulted in the small door being almost impossible to open as it’s getting pinched from its header.

Permalink Next steps

Once the structure is somehow fixed such that it’s dry, the next step is to box in the green area here. This will provide around 200 square feet of conditioned space (or a bit more depending on how it’s done) to serve as an office. It would also be great to provide access to the attic (red) such that light weight items could be stored, or some way to make the space useful. It will also need a mini split and/or wood stove.