To be part of a company that shares my values of honesty, responsibility, quality and pragmatism

Jobs (5+ years)

Title: Staff Engineer (06/2011, current)

  • Led the design and implementation of a highly available monitoring solution based on Prometheus, Grafana, AWS, cAdvisor, PagerDuty and various custom exporters (Current metric volume is around 160k samples per second)
  • Initiated the use of microservices for managing infrastructure using Golang, gRPC, Protocol Buffers, REST, Swagger, and authentication via LDAP middleware
  • Create tools in Golang to make working with other tools easier (Splunk, Jira, short links, etc)
  • Participate in hackathons (Git code search and distributed Slack bot using Gearman)
  • Successfully migrated the company from Gerrit to Bitbucket Server
  • Developed internal tools to expose things like weather data to staff while on the platform team
  • Worked on UI technologies just long enough to realize I’m better at command line interfaces :) (3 years)

Title: Engineering Manager, Tools (05/2008 - 06/2011)

  • Led the Engineering tools team responsible for scm, performance, automation, and other assorted tools
  • Helped form a well-rounded team recognized for innovation, collaboration, openness, and speed of iteration
  • Authored documentation which usually resulted in people asking “Is that an open source project?” (credit goes to Sphinx)
  • Created a cluster of over 100 machines requiring zero manual intervention to maintain health
  • Wrote python code to integrate things like ldap,, Jira, smtp, irc, and git into web based applications
  • Mentored people on various technical topics, always trying to produce good documentation for reference later
  • Demonstrated unconventional interview techniques which proved to be effective enough to fill my calendar every week :)
  • Prototyped things like couchdb, eucalyptus, git, node.js, python, sphinx, ubuntu (some later became standard) (1.3 years)

Title: Senior Application Developer (01/2007 - 05/2008)

  • Developed custom MVC framework designed to work with Memcached, MySQL hash tables, Selenium, and Cheetah templates
  • Developed web service using Python, PostgreSQL, and JSON to enable the social networking features of
  • Built virtualization lab currently used for researching and testing Hadoop and Lucene
  • Created database schema responsible for implementing business logic using PL/pgSQL functions, triggers, and foreign key constraints
  • Performed role as release engineer responsible for maintaining all version control branches
  • Implemented backup and recovery process allowing restoration of a PostgreSQL database to a specified date and time
  • Developed realtime searchable index of IRC chat for documenting internal communications
  • Designed inventory system using Python, Bash, Awk and Sed that monitored server health and software patch levels using a plugin architecture (1.3 years)

Title: Systems Analyst, Application Development (09/2005 - 01/2007)

  • Developed searchable documentation with Subversion integration using JavaScript, Python, XML, and XSL
  • Mentored development team on version control, JSON, and adherence to W3C standards
  • Trained new employees to use the existing implementation of the dispatcher pattern-based framework
  • Deployed Nagios with a PostgreSQL backend to monitor web applications and web services (1.4 years)

Title: Systems Analyst: Ancillary Systems (04/2004 - 09/2005)

  • Developed Windows service written in Python that alerted staff to GE CPM downtime
  • Created documentation using XML and XSL that carried a reputation as being the best in the IS department
  • Wrote Python software to automate and streamline the scheduling process
  • Worked as the project management liaison between the hospital and software vendors to resolve major issues and manage upgrades (3 years)

Title: System Administrator & Web Developer (04/2001 - 04/2004)

  • Deployed and maintained FreeBSD and Linux email, firewall, and web servers
  • Coordinated the implementation of a private network between two separate locations using FreeBSD and Cisco routing
  • Created e-commerce website with dynamic product configuration using AJAX
  • Virtually eliminated spam and viruses by building a custom email server
  • Developed a centralized password management system across multiple applications and platforms

Objective: Personal Playground (2000 - Current)

  • Replaced everything with ACM, CloudFront, Hugo, Route53, and S3
  • Collaborated with to implement an infrastructure upgrade using PHP opcode caching, MySQL replication, Hardened Gentoo, Linux, and load balancing using the Linux High Availability Project
  • Implemented performance enhancements on achieving an “A” score using YSlow
  • Developed personal finance application incorporating many web 2.0 technologies including AJAX, Jquery, and chart generation using the Google chart API
  • Created Python web framework named Chula, released under the GPL
  • Implemented session and content caching with Memcached, dramatically reducing database requests
  • Developed application that parses Atom and RSS feeds to generate static HTML
  • Developed extensive documentation on assorted open source technologies referenced in part by

Contributions to open source projects

(Mostly little bug fixes)



Use Daily

  • AWS
  • Git/Bitbucket
  • Golang
  • Hipchat/Slack/Hangouts
  • Jenkins
  • Libvirt/kvm
  • Linux
  • Prometheus/Grafana
  • Vim/Shell

Use Frequently

  • Containers (Docker, LXC)
  • Github
  • JSON/Yaml
  • Python
  • Tmux
  • Travis
  • Vagrant
  • Whiteboard

Use Periodically

  • Admin stuff (tcpdump, strace, chroot, configs, etc)
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript (bootstrap, jquery, backbone)
  • Puppet
  • Threading

Use Once in a While

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL


Attended college (Univeristy of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Cincinati State, Christ Hospital School of Nursing) for 5 years while spending nights and weekends hacking away toward my current career. I also spent 5 years working in a hospital and one year working as a registered nurse, makes for good stories :)