Shopping list 1 jar of Spaghetti sauce (whatever kind you like) 1 box Spaghetti 1 pound Hamburger 1 Bell pepper (green) 1 Onion (yellow or red) 2 cloves fresh Garlic 3 fresh Carrots Additionally 3 tablespoons Sugar Crushed red pepper fresh Black pepper Garlic powder Italian seasoning (oregano, basil, etc) Onion powder Parmesan cheese Caramelize the onions Chop the onion Put olive oil in a small stainless pan on low/medium heat Add onion and stir until it starts to stick Add 1⁄4 water (will release the fond) Repeat the previous 2 steps maybe 5 or 10 times When the onions are dark brown you’re set :) Set aside Roast carrots Preheat oven to 450 Lightly coat carrots in Canola oil Place on parchment paper in oven Roast for 20 minutes Mash and set aside Brown hamburger Put olive oil in a large stainless pan on low/medium heat Chop and add garlic (cook a bit to flavor the oil) Add hamburger Aggressively chop with spatula (making it as fine as possible) When it’s almost fully cooked pour off 80% of the oil Add ingredients Bell pepper (chopped) Black pepper Crushed red pepper Garlic powder Italian seasoning Onion powder Sugar Tomato sauce Cook pasta Boil water Add a little salt Once at a full boil add pasta Cook per instructions Reserve some of the cloudy water before draining

BBQ - setup

The older I get the more interested in cooking I become. My most recent adventure has been smoking meat. I have a friend at work who’s a bit of a gear head and tends to like the exact same kind of stuff I do… so I basically I just did what he did :) The smoker For maximum flexibility and reliability I choose a large Big Green Egg. It’s basically a big Japanese style ceramic oven.