How do you setup git-daemon on Ubuntu?

Git is by far my favorite version control system I’ve used. I use it all the time, and one of it’s benefits is how easy it is to share code. I usually just send someone the link to gitweb and they can look at my code there. Other times people give me their public key, and they can clone my stuff over ssh. But just recently I wanted to have a way to easily allow anonymous readonly access.

General update

I’ve been slacking lately, as there’s been a lot to do around the house and things. I’ve only managed to update a few things: Added stats tracking to this blog (forgot I had turned on this one flag in Feb) Added stats tracking to the howto documents, curious how that will look Initial import of a Git howto (since I’m starting to love it) Added drop down style navigation to the howto index Cleaned up the keychain howto just a bit I also ordered a good regex book as I’m still not near good enough at them.