Check out my new ride

I finished the setup of my new laptop. It’s a shiny new Dell D620 with all the features you could ever want. I’m running 64 bit Gentoo Linux along with Xfce 4.4 as my desktop. This is my first time running a 64bit clean OS and I must say that Gentoo continues to be the coolest OS I’ve ever used. When comparing the compile time of this laptop with my other laptop, the difference is quite the impressive.

Wee... getting a few new toys

I’ve been doing computer related work professionally for some time now. I’ve had a few “servers” in my basement for as long as I can remember. So yes I do have a lot of computers, but I’m not your typical computer nerd. I’ve never really played computer games. My newest computer is 5 years old, and just a few months ago I retired my very first computer (AMD K6II 350). It actually seems like everyone I know has a computer that’s newer and nicer than what I have.

Ubuntu - Day 18 (G40 to brick and back again)

Today I needed to upgrade to Python 2.5 so I could work on work stuff. Earlier in the day I had upgraded my Gentoo box at work to use Python 2.5 - piece of cake. It seems that in Ubuntu land you currently don’t get Python 2.5 unless you’re tracking the “Feisty” sources. So I went on to update my sources and use Synaptic to update everything. It finished up by throwing some errors about being unable to finish due to “*unresolvable errors* ”.