After chasing the sun all day, trying series vs parallel configurations, the most wattage I was able to get was around 95 watts. This is approaching rating of the two panels combined, but it only ever lasted for a few minutes. Granted I am surrounded by trees, but this will also be the case at the property. So far it’s not looking feasible.

Also the Bluetti AC300 can’t handle very much amperage via solar. This means I need to increase the voltage by running in serial, but this puts each panel in line… so if a single shadow lands on any of the panels - I loose the whole lot. I tested this configuration today and was able to drop the wattage to zero just by holding up a tiny stick in front of the panels.

Potentially nicer solar panels are internally wired via smaller cells wired in parallel or something, and would be more resilient?

Conclusion: solar is hard