FT-991A tips: repeaters

The intent of this document is to describe a few aspects of the FT-991A that confused me, so as to benefit anyone else who might be confused :) Repeater shift on 145 HMz There was a local emergency net that I wanted to dial into on 145.430 MHz with offset -0.6 MHz and tone 88.5 Hz. So I set the RPT menu to negative/- as I knew the offset was negative.

Ham frequencies

List of frequencies I frequently use This is just a list for my own reference :) Label Abbreviation Frequency Offset Tone freq Tone Squelch Bainbridge Island Club BARC 444.475 MHz +5.0 MHz 103.5 Hz CTCSS CTCSS Bainbridge Island Club - simplex BISX02 147.600 MHz Simplex 147.500 MHz Puget Sound Repeater Group PSGR 146.

Pat (Winlink) on Linux

Installation https://github.com/la5nta/pat/releases For example curl -L -o pat.tgz https://github.com/la5nta/pat/releases/download/v0.9.0/pat_0.9.0_linux_amd64.tar.gz tar -zxvf pat.tgz sudo mv pat*/pat /usr/local/bin/ Pat Configuration pat configure Set your callsign Set your maidenhead locator Also setup pat to use hamlib over rigctld (and optionally set it’s http address) { "hamlib_rigs": { "FT-991": { "address": "localhost:4532", "network": "tcp" } }, "http_addr": "localhost:5000" } This assumes you’ve got rigctld already running, and the rig name here matches the 3rd column in $(rigctl -l)

SvxLink/Qtel (Echolink)

Installation sudo dnf install qtel Setup The first time you run qtel it’ll open a settings dialog, and refuse to continue until it’s minimally filled out. Here are the things you need to fill out, all in the User Information tab: Callsign Name Password Location Note: If you don’t yet have an Echolink password, what you put in here will become your password. So put in something appropriate.

WSJT-X with FT-991A on Linux

Installation sudo dnf install wsjtx Radio settings Menu Setting Value 029 232C RATE 34000bps 031 CAT RATE 34000 062 DATA MODE OTHERS 064 OTHER DISP (SSB) 1500Hz 065 OTHER SHIFT (SSB) 1500Hz 070 DATA IN SELECT REAR DT GAIN The goal is to use the highest value, but with no visible ALC

Bell peppers

Shopping list green, red, yellow bell peppers onion (walla walla or yellow) onion powder garlic powder paprika salt (coarse kosher) black pepper (coarse) Additionally high temp cooking oil (avocado, grapeseed, canola, etc) wok or cast iron (capable of high temps) powerful heat source Cook Chop peppers into small pieces Chop onion into small pieces Heat oil in wok at high heat, 800f This will be above the smoke point of your oil, and will smoke Add peppers and onions when screaming hot Cook until reasonably charred Stir frequently Add oil as needed Around 8 to 10 minutes Remove from heat Add seasonings salt pepper onion powder garlic powder paprika


Shopping list 5 avacados cilantro fresh garlic hot pepper (jalapeno or something) kosher salt lime juice onion (red, yellow, ideally mild) Additionally mortar and pestle Assemble Peel avacado into mortar and pestle Add lime juice (preserves color) Add all the other stuff Smash the crap out of it


Shopping list fresh flour tortillas (avoid the kind that never expire) bell peppers guacamole meat (if you want) barbacoa sour cream cilantro hot sauce (I like red pepper sauces) green onion beans refried black rice cheese (cheddar) Assemble Put sour cream on the tortilla first (spread it out) Add whatever else you want


Shopping list chuck roast chipotle peppers in adobo sauce chipotle powder cumin powder garlic powder mustard powder onion powder paprika black pepper kosher salt lime juice if desired Note: Any of the spices can be in seed/raw form. Grind via a mortar and pestle to form a powder. Additionally olive oil smoker (egg, offset, etc) sous vide machine Prepare dry rub 4 tbsp black pepper 4 tbsp salt 1 tbsp paprika 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp chipotle powder 1 tsp mustard powder 1 tsp cumin powder Prepare roast Trim excess fat Coat with olive oil Liberally coat with dry rub Smoke Prepare smoker with whatever wood you like (I use hickory or fruit woods) Set smoker to 225f Smoke roast for 1 or 2 hours Cook Heat water bath to 80c Vacuum seal roast on high Cut the roast into smaller pieces Add chopped up chipotle peppers and adobo sauce Be sure the roast is cool when sealing (vacuuming when hot is messy) Cook in water bath for 12 to 24 hours Sear Heat cast iron pan to 500f Add enough high temp oil to coat the bottom Take roast out of the bag and dry with paper towel Reserve liquid Pull apart with forks and place in a bowl Sear for 1 minute (in batches depending on your pan size) Place in bowl and re-introduce liquid from before Squirt lime juice if desired


Shopping list carrots (best you can find) black pepper butter (unsalted) honey kosher salt drippings from steak You can also use (or supplement with) beef stock/paste Prepare Wash and trim the carrots Chop diagonally Cook Add the drippings (and beef stock if desired) into a sauce pan Add carrots Add water until carrots are surrounded (but not covered) in liquid Cook on medium/high heat for about 8 minutes The liquid should be largely gone when finished They should also be pretty tender, cook longer if needed Season Add 2 tbsp honey Add 2 tbsp butter Add salt and pepper Continue to cook on low/medium heat until they caramelize Maybe 5 or 10 minutes