It seems lately I’m all about trying new things.  First I tried Ubuntu even though I’m a devout Gentoo user.  Yesterday I gave Paludis a test drive.  First off let me go ahead and express my admiration love for Portage.  Quite simply Portage allows me to do things that I simply couldn’t do on my own.  Sure I could compile things myself.  Sure I could use very specialized compiles to get the precise binaries that I need… but I could never do it across multiple machines (I’m responsible for ~9) consistently.  So, the thought of even trying something other than my beloved Portage kinda freaks me out.  So I tried Paludis, and at first glance I’m quite impressed.  It does seem much faster at syncing and maybe calculating.  It also seems to force unit tests to be ran, which I like considering I’m a unit test freak.

Honestly though… the part that makes me the most nervous about using Paludis is the main person behind it.  I’m sure Ciaran is intelligent and capable, but his attitude towards Flameeyes and others is inappropriate.  I’m probably just overreacting as I haven’t even personally met him.  It’s just hard to not feel a certain way when behavior repeats itself.