Today I was prompted via the notification area that 16 updates were available.  I took them (via Synaptic) after which I rebooted the system.  Upon bootup grub complained about an “Inconsistent filesystem” regardless of the kernel I chose.  Evidently Ubuntu ate my ramdisk again  sigh

I’m honestly afraid to let apt update my ramdisk/kernel again.  Before I was 50/50 on using Ubuntu for the desktop.  That number has definitely slipped to around 20% now.  If I setup a desktop box for someone else I might use Ubuntu, but for my own stuff I seriously doubt it.  I know I’m using Feisty which is completely unsupported, but geezle.  Maybe Ubuntu should think about adding a rescue kernel that doesn’t require a ramdisk, so at least you could avoid having to chroot via a livecd?

Long live Gentoo.