I’ve been doing computer related work professionally for some time now.  I’ve had a few “servers” in my basement for as long as I can remember.  So yes I do have a lot of computers, but I’m not your typical computer nerd.  I’ve never really played computer games.  My newest computer is 5 years old, and just a few months ago I retired my very first computer (AMD K6II 350).  It actually seems like everyone I know has a computer that’s newer and nicer than what I have.  Well… that’s all about to change.  Oh yea, big daddy’s getting a new ride.  Yesterday I ordered a Dell D620.  It has 2gigs of ram, a 1440x900 display, and Intel’s new quad core chip known as the Merom.  I think Gentoo will run quite happily on it.  I also got a new cell phone.  This is a good thing as my current phone is so old that the battery can hardly last a single conversation anymore.  Next I need to replace my boxes in the basement.  They’re really old and I fear I might loose my precious svn and maildir data if I’m not careful.

I should also mention that I suck at carpentry.  Today I put up some trim in my family room.  How hard can it be to put up trim? Wood, nails, a few 45 degree angles… what’s the big deal?  sigh