One of my goals in moving to California was to put more focus on getting healthy.  Now I’m lucky enough to be able to ride a really nice bike to work each day and get in a little work out each way.

The bike comes pre-configured as fixed (aka you can’t coast) and the rear hub is a “flip flop” which means you can easily convert it into a single speed bike.  Currently I’m leaving it as fixed because it results in a much better workout.  I’ve never gone to a spinning class… but this has got to be pretty close.  Here’s a picture:


Currently I’ve put 196 miles on it, and enjoyed every minute.  I’m really impressed with the bike as delivered.  The only changes I’ve made were to add a computer, cage, lights, and bag.  The only real mechanical change I intend to make is a bigger gear (less teeth) in the back, as 19/47 is a little too small of a gear for me.  The plan currently is to get either a 17 or 18 for the back - probably 18.  Lisa has tried to ride it, but wasn’t really able to get started:


So far the longest ride I’ve taken it on was 20 miles (with Jaisen) and it felt really good.  I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying the fact that it’s fixed.  The workout is great, safety doesn’t seem to be much of a concern, and I don’t miss shifting gears  :)



It’s also handy that the weather here is pretty much always beautiful, so it’s always a great day to ride  :)