The intent of this document is to describe a few aspects of the FT-991A that confused me, so as to benefit anyone else who might be confused :)

Permalink Repeater shift on 145 HMz

There was a local emergency net that I wanted to dial into on 145.430 MHz with offset -0.6 MHz and tone 88.5 Hz. So I set the RPT menu to negative/- as I knew the offset was negative. Then I adjusted the tone from the default of 103.5 to 88.5. I assumed the repeater shift was going to be handled by ARS, but when I looked at the display… I saw CLAR instead of the frequency offset I was expecting.


I was confused, so I looked at a few different things:

  1. Using split VFO (using the clarifier to set VFO-B)
  2. Using 035 QUICK SPLIT FREQ
  3. Using SHIFT in F(M-LIST) menu

The former took forever to get to the desired frequency offset, and just didn’t feel right. The latter allows for positive and negative shifts… but didn’t feel right either. Lastly the SHIFT menu was disabled… and is for IF SHIFT anyway, which is entirely different. Eventually I gave up and just wrote the settings I had to memory (so I had at least that much saved).


So it was using the correct repeater shift the entire time! This particular repeater uses the same shift as 144 MHz which worked perfectly, though I don’t know what I would have done if it had been different, as the menu system offers no mechanism to set a different shift for 145, just 144.

So the path to victory was just adding the frequency and settings to memory :)

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