Permalink Installation

sudo dnf install qtel

Permalink Setup

The first time you run qtel it’ll open a settings dialog, and refuse to continue until it’s minimally filled out. Here are the things you need to fill out, all in the User Information tab:

  1. Callsign
  2. Name
  3. Password
  4. Location

Note: If you don’t yet have an Echolink password, what you put in here will become your password. So put in something appropriate.

Permalink Validation

If you already have an Echolink account you’re all set. For those that don’t… you need to go through the validation process. Assuming you’re a new ham the process goes ~something like this (all documented by Echolink):

  1. Get your FCC FRN number
  2. Use that to reset your FCC password
  3. Get an error message about a missing PSQ on file
  4. You’ll go through a webform and request ^
  5. The FCC will respond within 3 days (was next day for me)
  6. Try again to reset your FCC password
  7. Once you’re in, use the menu on the left to download your license file
  8. Upload that to Echolink

Permalink Use Qtel

Once you’re finished with the validation process, open qtel again. This time it’ll just work… like magic. The interesting part is it already has your new password ;)

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