Permalink Installation

sudo dnf install wsjtx

Permalink Radio settings

Menu Setting Value
029 232C RATE 34000bps
031 CAT RATE 34000
064 OTHER DISP (SSB) 1500Hz
065 OTHER SHIFT (SSB) 1500Hz

Permalink DT GAIN

The goal is to use the highest value, but with no visible ALC

  1. Set the radio METER to ALC
  2. Use the TONE button in WSJT-X to transmit
  3. Raise the DT GAIN until you see ALC
  4. Then dial it back down until the ALC is no longer visible
  5. Stop transmitting (ie: click the TONE button again)

Lots of people will say to keep DT GAIN at or below 10. I tried this, and virtually no one ever heard my signals. Using higher values made a enormous difference in my setup. Note as you approach 75W you will probably see your ALC start to increase, at which point you’ll need to reduce your DT GAIN to prevent visible ALC.

Permalink MONI

The radio monitor can be used to verify that the computer is able to transmit using the radio’s USB sound card. This is particularly useful when using the software TONE button. Set the MONI to 50 and listen to the tone to ensure it’s clear and free from clipping or distortion. Just remember to turn it back off when you’re done testing or it’ll drive you nuts.

Permalink RF POWER

The goal is to use the lowest power possible.

  1. Start with 5W
  2. Work your way up as needed

Permalink Software settings

Permalink Pwr

The volume slider on the far right side. I set this to half way.


Permalink Rig control

I use Rig which causes the software to put the radio into split VFO mode so it listens on one frequency and transmits on another.

Permalink General

general settings

Permalink Radio

radio settings

Permalink Audio

audio settings

Permalink General tips

  • Be careful with USB hubs. I was using one with my Lenovo T490s and was all the sudden not able to get any audio from the radio. Eventually I realized I had moved my office around and plugged the radio in via a hub. Plugging it directly into the radio fixed it right up. I presume my hub is rubbish.
  • Note the Rig Mode used by the software. I made contacts with it set to None, but I had way better luck after setting it to Rig, though that also coincided with using a much higher DT GAIN. Maybe I should test to isolate the two.
  • Try to line up your transmit frequency to be offset from the receive (red and green). I can’t say I’ve noticed a big difference, but it’s considered a polite practice from what I gather.

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