I’ve been slacking lately, as there’s been a lot to do around the house and things.  I’ve only managed to update a few things:

  1. Added stats tracking to this blog (forgot I had turned on this one flag in Feb)
  2. Added stats tracking to the howto documents, curious how that will look
  3. Initial import of a Git howto (since I’m starting to love it)
  4. Added drop down style navigation to the howto index
  5. Cleaned up the keychain howto just a bit

I also ordered a good regex book as I’m still not near good enough at them.  Sometimes it takes a book, a comfortable chair, and some coffee before I really learn something.  I think I’m also going to order the recently released PostgreSQL Reference Manual Volume 1

I’ve also been slacking on the 4 HP DL145’s I bought for a much needed upgrade.  The first one is build and imaged, just need to deploy it to the other three and begin migrating services.  Being able to start from a hardened stage3 was really nice.  Way to go Gentoo devs!

Man it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day  :)