This week has been full of all sorts of interesting things.  I added the Urchin javascript to my blog and howto pages last week.  The results have been pretty interesting.  I was hoping that my howto documents were providing value to someone, and the stats seem to indicate this is true.

I have also been reading my shiny new Postgresql book.  It’s really good and I can’t wait till the other two become available.  I’m learning all sorts of little things I never knew before about Postgresql.

Probably the most interesting thing this week was the start of Kirby’s new treatment.  She has a very bad mouth infection, but the vet is unable to properly treat it because her renal (kidney) values are not good.  It seems the recommended treatment is to give her fluids under the skin.  So today we gave her the first 100cc dose of normal saline via IV tubing and a needle inserted under the skin between her shoulders.  The fact that I’m a nurse has come in handy as I feel pretty comfortable working with needles.  The part that’s odd is to intentionally let fluid go under the skin - this is something you completely avoid with humans (infiltration).  I’ll have to post some pictures of the process as it’s pretty interesting.