Yesterday Lucy had surgery because of a uterine infection named pyometra.  The excellent folks at Peach Grove Animal Hospital did such a wonderful job.  My wife and I are so grateful for everything they did do.  Evidently despite her age, she went through the surgery with flying colors.  The next morning she was even up and walking a bit sooner than dogs sometimes do.

Even as sweet as Lucy is, she’s a fighter.  Just the fact that she survived in the middle of winter after being abandoned is evidence of her tenacity.

Yet as tough as she might be… there’s no way she would have survived without the excellent care she received.  I have no doubt that God heard our prayers.  Evidently Lucy’s uterus is normally about the diameter of a pencil.  Her’s looked more like an over stuffed sausage.  The doctor who performed the surgery told me that it had been full of puss.  They even showed us a picture of it when we arrived today.  It’s no wonder she wasn’t feeling well the past few days.  Her white blood cell count was twice what it should be.  Her little system was doing everything it could to fight the infection.

So tonight around 18:30 we brought her home.  Already she seems to be feeling so much better than she did yesterday - even with the pain of surgery.  Her appetite is back, and she’s much more alert and playful.  She’s such a perfect dog, why wouldn’t she bounce back from surgery like a champ :/

Good job Lucy.  Thank you to everyone at Peach Grove Animal Hospital.  God… we’re forever grateful for saving our little rat  :)