Tonight Lucy was acting the slightest bit strange.  She started shaking quite a lot and taking her temperature showed it to be 103.3, which is pretty high for a dog.

She is normally around 98 though before surgery she had gotten all the way up to 104.3.  Her temperature does seem to jump around a bit, either way we called the vet just to be sure. 

We went to the same 24hr vet as before.  Evidently her shaking isn’t likely to be a response to a fever, but to either stress or pain.  Considering she just had a hysterectomy being stressed is an understatement.  The doctor felt she maybe wasn’t getting quite enough antibiotics so she ordered an additional one.

Lucy continues to be a bit on the aggressive side with Kirby.  Basically we have to keep Kirby at least 3 feet away, as any closer Lucy starts picking a fight.  All and all she’s doing very well.  Good dog.